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A series "Confrontation"

technique: ink, tea stained paper; 2005-2016

"Bridge Across the Desert"; 10х15 cm

"Confrontation"; 10х15 cm

"Hot Blizzard"; 10х15 cm

"Stocking with Tea"; 10х15 cm

"Great Victory"; 10х15 cm

"Ardent Flash"; 10х15 cm

"Tree of Memories"; 10х15 cm

"Breath of Greatness"; 20х30 cm

"Faceted Course"; 20х30 cm

"Hopelessness"; 20х30 cm

"Sweets"; 20х30 cm

"Mistress of Rats"; 30х40 cm

"Reflection"; 20х30 cm

"The Philosophy of Unity"; 20х30 cm

"On the other Side of Depth"; 20х30 cm

"Depth of Intoxication"; 30х40 cm

"Hot Night"; 30х40 cm

"Memories of Black Dog"; 30х40 cm

"Prank"; 30х40 cm

"Lair"; 30х40 cm

"The Stolen Memories"; 30х40 cm

"Atonement for Temptation"; 40х60 cm

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